Welcome to Cherry Creek Dance!

Owner, Stephanie Prosenjak, opened the studio on January 3, 1994 bringing with her some of the top dancers from around the Denver metro area as teachers and as students. Since opening, Cherry Creek Dance has experienced some great performances at events such as a Denver Broncos Halftime, the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and Disneyland's Magic Music Days just to name a few. 

Cherry Creek Dance is located in the heart of Cherry Creek North. We are at the corner of Third and Clayton, at 2625 E. Third Avenue. We offer free parking for all of our active students, which makes it easy to get to and from any location during your time in Cherry Creek North.

Thank you for becoming a part of Cherry Creek Dance, the Home for Dance in Colorado. We applaud you for selecting what we consider a life-enhancing experience for you and your dancer. We are here to provide out of this world customer service and to touch the life of each and every dancer. Dance is a wonderful artistic outlet that not only utilizes creativity and talent, but also teaches discipline. We pride ourselves on having high quality, enthusiastic, exceptionally talented instructors. They take pride in creating classes designed to build self-confidence and motivation, while working hard and maintaining a fun atmosphere. We feel strongly about dance’s role in building character and self-esteem and we guarantee a positive and productive learning environment for every student.At Cherry Creek Dance, our mission is to create a family-friendly environment where students, young and old, can build self- esteem, lifelong friends, and a true love for dance. Not only will you see our professional company, 7dancers, and our Cherry Creek Dance Performing Company participating actively at many community events, but a number of our staff, students, and parents stay involved and love contributing to the arts. Cherry Creek Dance is on the forefront of the Denver arts community and plays an integral role as both an instructional institution and an advocate for the arts.

You should have received a schedule of classes, which includes our pricing structure. Please be aware that there may be additional expenses from time to time, such as recital fees, costume fees, or workshop fees. You will be informed of these expenses with adequate time before each event in order to help you decide if you would like to participate or not. We do everything we can to make Cherry Creek Dance as fun, exciting, and creative as possible for all students, families, and friends. 

Remember that dance, in all its forms, is an art. Its traditions are represented through proper conduct and appreciation of all those who participate in its creation. Enjoy the art of dancing, respect fellow dancers, teachers, the studio, and yourself.

Welcome, and thanks again from the Cherry Creek Dance staff.