Policy Information

Tuition is due the last week of the month for the upcoming month. There is a $15 late fee if not received by the 10th of the month. Tuition must be paid in full. No tuition is refunded. If the studio is closed for a holiday or if you miss part of the month due to vacation, illness, etc., you are able to take a make-up class within 30 days. Tuition is not pro-rated. All private lessons must be prepaid, no exceptions. Company members are expected to pay full tuition regardless of attendance. There is an annual registration fee of $25 per dancer or $35 per family. This fee is due when you sign up and with your January tuition each year after. There is a $20 fee on all returned checks. All checks may be converted into electronic drafts.

Payment Options:
- By the class - $22.50-$29
- Per class – Monthly / $52 - $240 per month
- PunchCard - $126 for 6 hours of class within two months or $210 for 10 hours of class within three months

Good attendance is beneficial for students and teachers. If we know how many students are regularly attending each class, we can staff the classes accordingly and can deliver more accurate information to future students regarding class size. Students should arrive to class on time so as not to interrupt the class and force us to re-teach material. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late must have the teacher's approval to attend class.

The studio will be closed for all major holidays. Exact dates of closure will be published on the schedule and website prior to the holiday. If you have questions regarding closures due to snow or bad weather, please call the studio before you leave as we update our recorded message as conditions change.

If the studio is closed for a holiday or if you miss part of the month due to vacation, illness, etc., you are able to take a make- up class within 30 days in any style of class. Simply let your instructor know that you are using a make-up class when you check in. You cannot make up a class in your regular class or with special classes such as master classes or studio rentals. You must be a current student with your account in good standing before attending the class.

Here is an example: you missed your regular Tuesday 10:00 class the last week of January, so you make up the class the first week of February by taking your regular Tuesday class as well as the Friday 11:00 class and make sure your February tuition is paid.

Punchcards are good for any six or ten hours of class from our regular schedule. They expire sixty or ninety days from the date of purchase. To use a punchcard, simply let your instructor know that you have a punchcard. Punchcards are non transferable, refundable, or extendable. They may not be used by anyone other than the person whose name appears on the card or for special classes such as master classes or studio rentals.

It is Cherry Creek Dance’s policy that students not be dropped off in front of the building. It is the guardian’s responsibility to walk the dancer into the dancer check-in area and wait for the instructor to guide them to their appropriate room. The student should arrive in adequate time to change clothing, eat, etc., before class begins. The guardian must also come into the studio to pick up the student. The guardian must arrive a few minutes before class ends in order to wait for their dancer to come out of class. No student should leave the studio without a parent or guardian. We are very sensitive to our students whereabouts and safety, but Cherry Creek Dance will not be held responsible for your student.

Any student left unattended at the studio for longer than 15 minutes before or after the class they have registered for will be charged as if they attended an additional dance class. The same holds true for siblings—please do not leave siblings unattended at the studio.

Pre-Ballet 1- white leotard and pink tights
Pre-Ballet 2- light pink leotard and pink tights
Ballet - Beg, Beg/Int & Int - black leotard and pink tights
Leveled Ballet Classes - See front desk

Hair in a tight, slicked bun with a hair net is required for all ballet classes.

All other dance classes, with the exception of hip hop and breakdancing classes, are required to wear appropriate dance apparel (example: leotard and tights, capri pants, jazz pants, bike shorts). This means no jeans, dresses, or loose fitting clothes.

Appropriate shoes are required for each class as well. Tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop/breakdancing shoes are ONLY to be worn inside the dance studio. If you have street shoes for hip hop or breakdancing, please wipe them down before entering the classrooms, otherwise the shoes will bring in dirt off the sidewalk and streets. This will help ensure that our dance floors stay in tip top shape. If tap shoes are worn outside, the taps get scraped up and destroy the dance floors. Thank you for understanding and respecting our beautiful, new space.

All dancewear and shoes can be purchased at the studio. We also have a limited amount of used shoes available for you to borrow for your trial session. We can only let you use these shoes a couple of times, as they are “marked” for new students only. If you forget your shoes, we offer ballet or tap shoes to rent for $2.50 per pair, per class.

We offer numerous types of dance attire, leotards, dance bags, t-shirts, etc. at the best prices in Denver. We should be able to cover all of your needs as they relate to proper attire for class, as well as fun stuff for you to wear or carry wherever you go! We have every type of dance shoe available here at the studio. Some are only available to special order and are received in about 5 days (by the time of your next class) if we do not have the item in stock.

Please be considerate of Cherry Creek Dance and all others around you. Absolutely no gum, food or drink in any of the dance rooms. Any food items need to remain in the dressing room or designated waiting area. You are responsible for cleaning up and throwing away your trash. Please note that we have a couple of recycling bins located throughout the studio for water bottles.
Please leave valuables and jewelry at home, as the studio is not responsible for missing items. Don't forget to double check and make sure you have everything before leaving the studio.

We ask that you please label each item with your full name in an effort to decrease the amount of items that are lost or misplaced. Every class tends to have one or more students with the same name. If shoes and clothes are not labeled, finding the proper owner can become a tricky task. Items left in the lost and found will be donated to charity every month.

Due to additional dance performances, choreography work, illness, or personal reasons, substitute teachers may be needed at times. All substitutes are highly qualified and must be treated with the same respect as the regular teacher. Substitute teachers are also a benefit as they expose dancers to a different style of teaching so everyone wins.

For each new student you send to the studio that enrolls, pays the registration fee, and one month of tuition, you will receive a $10 discount on your tuition for the following month.

At Cherry Creek Dance, we hold two dance recitals each year. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate. They are typically held the second week of June and December. They take place at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver and are always professionally produced and presented. There will be a participation fee as well as fees for tickets and costumes. You will have your choice as to whether you would like your dancer to participate in these recitals or not, although we encourage all students and families to participate! This is where you (as well as your family, friends, whomever!) can see the progress your dancer has made and how he or she has blossomed from a student to a performer! The shows are always entertaining and more than worth all of the hard work!

If your account is deemed past due, you agree to pay upon demand all of Cherry Creek Dance's costs and expenses, including attorneys' fees and legal expenses, incurred in connection with the enforcement of this contract/agreement. Cherry Creek Dance reserves the right to hire or pay someone else to collect on any actions arising from or relating to this contract/agreement. You will pay Cherry Creek Dance this amount. This includes, subject to any limits under applicable law, Lender's attorney fees and Cherry Creek Dance's legal expenses, whether or not there is a lawsuit, including without limitation all attorney's fees and legal expenses for litigation, and collection expenses. If not prohibited by applicable law, you also will pay any court costs, in addition to all other sums provided by law. By attending any class you agree to comply with all Cherry Creek Dance rules & regulations. You understand and agree that Cherry Creek Dance, its agents, employees, volunteers or assistants shall not be responsible or made subject to any claim from injury or accident which may result in connection with any attendance at the school or any of its related functions.

Parent’s Q & A
What to Expect...

Q: Can I watch my child dance in the classroom?
A: We ask all parents NOT to go into the classroom during the hour. It is our experience that little dancers adjust better to class if the parent/guardian does not come in and take them out of class or come in to talk to them. It is disruptive to the class if parents keep coming in and out of the classroom.

Q: Where can I watch my child dance?
A: Each room is equipped with video cameras and closed circuit television. You will be able to watch your child in the family activity center, located in the lower level of our building.

Q: What if my dancer starts to cry in class?
A: Our goal is make dance a wonderful and fun learning experience for each child. Although some children may jump right in, it may be a little scary being in a classroom setting without a parent/guardian for others. It is not unusual for a new dancer to cry the first couple of classes. If the instructor thinks the dancer needs to leave the classroom, she will bring your dancer out. Please trust that we have your little one’s best interest at heart.

Q: Can I leave the studio to run errands while my child is in class?
A: Absolutely! All of our teachers are highly qualified and will take the best care of your child. We encourage you to take this time to run those never-ending errands.

Q: At what age can my child move up to the next level of combo class?
A: Ultimately, it is left up to the teacher’s discretion as to whether your child should move onto a higher combo level or not. Students who are two or three are asked to participate in a 2-3 year old combo class. Students age four to five, are recommended to take a 4-5 year old combo class. For the 6-8 year old combo class, students must be six to eight years old. Each one of these classes contains different skill levels that must be mastered before progressing toward the next.

For any of our classes we ask that you, as the parent, not rush your child through learning these valuable dance skills. Please feel free to approach a teacher with questions regarding your child’s progress.