Definitely a must-go!!! It's my second home! All the students were easy to make friends with, I have special bonds with ALL of my teachers, and this studio is very welcoming (but a serious and welcoming environment)! I love Lee at the front desk who always make me laught and I can joke around with him about anything! I have developed many lifelong friendships here! Like I said, a definite must-go!

I am forever grateful to the women in my life who were/are the mentors who made me who I am today (in all the Good ways) thus I was moved when Stephanie took the time to sit with the group and discuss the importance of supporting one another.  I'm doubtful about my skill to make a proper "right-part low bun" but i'm am confident that my daughter is part of a team where she will continue to be empowered, challenged, and nurtured.  Thank you, Cherry Creek Dance!

Cherry CreekDance is wonderful! Wonderful staff, wonderful teachers, great flexibility with class times & make ups! I highly recommend it!

There is an amazing group of people who manage this studio - I would recommend anyone to work with these folks! Stephanie is such a go-getter and makes things happen not only for the studio but for the kids, as well.  I'm so grateful to have had the chance to work with Stephanie and get involved with Cherry Creek Dance.  Extremely impressed with their professionalism, ability to have fun, and commitment to the kids and the arts.


I love how the staff work so hard to teach dancers from 16 months to over 65 year olds. Then they put together 3 or 4 shows for June and December recitals and have around 200 acts. There is nowhere else I would rather be!

  • Olivia Johnson
  • Cherry Creek Dance Performing Company

They make amazing dances and the teachers are sooooo nice!

  • Frances Sullivan

Out of thousands of dancers Lee knows every single one of them without refering to his computer. :)  Every single instructor has instilled a love of dance in both of my girls. It is such a great environment. After having tried two other studios previously, I can't imagine putting my girls(3&8) anywhere else. Love Lee, Love Stephanie, You all make our hearts and feet happy!

  • The Hoen Girls