Break Dancing

Breakdancing aka Bboying, represents the original form of hip hop dance. A Freestyle based movement & urban dance style that combines foundational elements and creative interpretation. 

At the basic level, breaking exercising fundamental skills such as rhythm, balance, flexibility and self-expression!  The the art of movement discovered through break dancing takes students on an enriching journey that increases self-awareness and encourages character development.  Because the style is "freestyle" in nature students learn the philosophical tools and foundational elements needed to stimulate creative development and independent learning!  The progressive break dancing program we offer guides students through levels of development beginning at the core of the dance with basics in Top Rock, Footwork and Freezes.  As students work through the program, dynamic movements such as power moves, transitions and musicality are introduced to further develop each students unique abilities and style! 

We offer breakdancing to all levels, ages 5 & up!  For private Lessons, workshops & party entertainment - give us a call!