We ask all parents NOT to go into the classroom during the hour. It is our experience that little dancers adjust better to class if the parent/guardian does not come in and take them out of class or come in to talk to them. It is disruptive to the class if parents keep coming in and out of the classroom.

Each room is equipped with video cameras and closed-circuit television. You will be able to watch your child in the family activity center, located in the lower level of our building.
Our goal is make dance a wonderful and fun learning experience for each child. Although some children may jump right in, it may be a little scary being in a classroom setting without a parent/guardian for others. It is not unusual for a new dancer to cry the first couple of classes. If the instructor thinks the dancer needs to leave the classroom, she will bring your dancer out. Please trust that we have your little one’s best interest at heart.
Absolutely! All of our teachers are highly qualified and will take the best care of your child. We encourage you to take this time to run those never-ending errands.
Ultimately, it is left up to the teacher’s discretion as to whether your child should move onto a higher combo level or not. Students who are two or three are asked to participate in a 2-3 year old combo class. Students age four to five, are recommended to take a 4-5 year old combo class. For the 6-9 year old combo class, students must be six to nine years old. Each one of these classes contains different skill levels that must be mastered before progressing toward the next. For any of our classes we ask that you, as the parent, not rush your child through learning these valuable dance skills. Please feel free to approach a teacher with questions regarding your child’s progress.

Dance for the Home Team

Students, young and old, can build self-esteem, lifelong friends, and a true love for dance.