Please refer to our website under the COVID 19 tab for the most up to date information

Yes, we offer one free trial class for new students only who are trying recreational classes up to the teen level. No Performing Company or Adult classes are included in this offer

Due to safety precautions and CDC regulations we are not permitting anyone but students and staff inside the building

Our goal is to make dance a wonderful and fun learning experience for each child. Although some children may jump right in, it may be a little scary being in a classroom setting without a parent/guardian for others. It is not unusual for a new dancer to cry the first couple of classes. If the instructor thinks the dancer needs to leave the classroom, she will bring your dancer out. Please trust that we have your little one’s best interest at heart.

Absolutely! All of our teachers are highly qualified and will take the best care of your child. We encourage you to take this time to run those never-ending errands

Ultimately, it is left up to the teacher’s discretion as to whether your child should move onto a higher combo level or not. Students who are two or three are asked to participate in a 2-3 year old combo class. Students age four to five, are recommended to take a 4-5 year old combo class. For the 6-9 year old combo class, students must be six to eight years old. Each one of these classes contains different skill levels that must be mastered before progressing toward the next. We generally go by the dancer’s age on September 1st for the Fall Semester and February 1st for the Spring Semester.
For any of our classes we ask that you, as the parent, not rush your child through learning these valuable dance skills. Please feel free to approach a teacher with questions regarding your child’s progress.

Our goal is to offer as many quality classes as possible on a weekly basis. However, if a class only has one or two students in the class, the class will run only 2/3 of the class time and this will only happen for a month span after the schedule is released. It is simply not cost effective for us to continue the class without at least five students in a class. We will do our best to fill the class and we may ask for your assistance too. If we indeed need to cancel a class, the majority of the time we have many other class options on other days and times to offer

We ask that dancers remain in the Cherry Creek Dance building, even during breaks between classes. Please talk with your dancer about not going to Starbucks or other local businesses. The safety of our dancers is our number one priority!