Lee Prosenjak“The Guy That Does Everything But Teach Dance”Owner

Lee Prosenjak is the guy that does everything but teach dance. He is always thrilled that he gets to create art every day and is proud to have owned and operated Cherry Creek Dance for 27 years with his wife, Stephanie. Not many people get to inspire more than 2,500 students every single week in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, musical theatre, and break dancing.

About Lee

Lee is also the executive director 7dancers, a professional nonprofit dance company. Lee travels the world to work with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) as a certified Forum Trainer and retreat facilitator. He builds content for EO and sits on the Global Forum Committee and he has worked with literally thousands of entrepreneurs and board members from around the world. His work includes strategy sessions, training, and group development work for all aspects of the business. Lee enjoys bringing his enthusiasm to cultivate cohesive work groups and facilitate group experiences. One of his many passions is lighting, in his early 20’s, Lee was a lighting guy for the Denver Center Theatre Company as well as for lots and lots of rock concerts and theatre shows. His work was seen with Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Lyle Lovett, Aerosmith, and The Zou. Art is always at the forefront of Lee’s life, it just takes different forms each day. Overall Lee is a legendary facilitator, expert strategist, board rock star, & all around snappy dresser.