Our leveled ballet classes and ballet curriculum are designed to help students develop a strong Vaganova based foundation.

Break Dancing

Breakdancing aka Bboying, represents the original form of hip hop dance. A Freestyle based movement & urban dance style that combines foundational elements and creative interpretation. 


Our combination classes are generally the best to way to learn about dance, music, movement, interacting with others, learning about instruction through a positive, warm environment.


A full body warm up, intense stretches to improve flexibility, and strengthening for the muscles needed for overall better control of a dancer’s body. 


Hip Hop classes are very popular and are high energy classes. No matter what you will be partying in this class!


Jazz classes are very high energy from the music to the movement.  They have a strong emphasis on technique, stretch and strengthening and style that is influenced by music, cultural and passion.


Lyrical/Contemporary is a style of dance that encourages the expression of emotion and storytelling through choreography and movement derived from the lyrics. 


Modern dance is a style that is very specific with a definite set of rules for each of the disciplined styles.

Musical Theater

Musical theatre classes are super fun and high energy classes that explores a variety of dance styles, create self confidence and character building, and include improvisation exercises and acting games.


This 30 minute parent/tot class is a nice way to introduce the Cherry Creek Dance staff and the studio to young dancers and their parents.


Our turns and leaps classes are exactly what they say in the title.  The entire hour is focused on improving both turns and leaps both in technique and stylistically.  

Specialty Classes

We offer specialty classes focused in tumbling & professional cheer!


Our tap classes explore the fundamentals of tap technique and terminology, with an emphasis of musicality and coordination.