Cherry Creek Dance



Our combination classes are generally the best way to learn about dance, music, movement, interacting with others, and learning about instruction through a positive, warm environment. Students will not only dance at the ballet barre, but enjoy moving throughout our beautiful dance rooms. The class consists of 20-25 minutes of tap and 30-35 minutes of ballet, with sometimes mixing it up with a bit of jazz and/or hip hop. We usually take about a few minutes to either read a book about dance, use flashcards, play dance games, or discuss with the teacher questions about dance. The basics of tap and ballet are reiterated in each class. Each class begins with a warm up to stretch and strengthen the body, then moves into skills, coordination and movement, and finishes with a little dance routine. All of our classes help students to gain self confidence, better social skills by interacting with the other dancers and instructors, and of course get a better understanding of how dance is truly fantastic and wonderful! We divide these class into the following age groups: 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8.