Starting the fall semester 2020, we will be adjusting the way we register for classes and offer make up classes. We are continuing to closely follow COVID restrictions and guidelines and will continue limiting class sizes to keep our dancers and staff safe. In an effort to properly track how many students are attending each class, this semester, when you register your dancer for a class, they will be entered in for a specific day of the week and time such as the Monday, 10am combo class. This is the class your dancer will take for the entire semester.

Tuition will be billed on a semester long basis. This again, is to secure your spot in class for the entire semester and to ensure we are able to keep class sizes small and safe for everyone. The fall semester is 5 months long (August – December, however spring is 6 months long (January through June). July will be billed as a single month for those attending classes in July. A finance charge will be added to all payment arrangements.  You are welcome to pay by check or cash prior to the due date for all accounts set to a payment arrangement.  If cash or check payment is not made before the 1st of the month, the credit card on file will automatically be charged on the 1st.

Payment arrangements for the Spring Semester will be as follows, 1/3 will be due at registration, 1/3 due on March 1st, and the last 1/3 will be due on May 1st.  All of these accounts must be set to autopay.  Payments for the fall semester will be 1/2 due at registration and the second 1/2 will be due October 1st.

* Parent Tot 1 class per week $260 fall semester, $312 spring semester
* 1 hour of class per week per month $400 fall semester, $480 spring semester
* 2 hours of class per week per month $600 fall semester, $720 spring semester
* 3 hours of class per week per month $800 fall semester, $960 spring semester
* 4 hours of class per week per month $900 fall semester, $1,080 spring semester
* 5 hours of class per week per month $1,000 fall semester, $1,200 spring semester
* 6 hours of class per week per month $1,100 fall semester, $1,320 spring semester
*Unlimited hours of class per week per month $1,200 fall semester, $1,440 spring semester  As always there is a registration fee due on the 1st of the year of $25 per dancer and $10 for each additional sibling. If you join later in the year, your registration fee will be added at the time of registration.

Good attendance is beneficial for students and teachers. If we know how many students are regularly attending each class, we can staff the classes accordingly and can deliver more accurate information to future students regarding class size. Students should arrive to class on time so as not to interrupt the class and force us to re-teach material. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes late must have the teacher’s approval to attend class.


All students registering for classes are agreeing to attend and pay for classes for the entire semester that they are registering for.  Fall Semester is August-December and Spring Semester runs January-June.

In the event that Cherry Creek Dance must close in-studio classes due to a pandemic or other state of emergency, classes will be converted to virtual classes until dancers are able to safely return to the studio. No credits, discounts or refunds will be given. Snow days will not be considered a state of emergency and details regarding make up classes can be found on our website

Cancellations for those making payments, will be allowed on a case by case basis and will need to be approved by Sarah Gonzalez, General Manager, and Ashlee Lane, Operations Manager.  In the event your cancellation is approved, there will be a $50 cancellation fee assessed to your account before cancellation.

The studio will be closed for all major holidays. Exact dates of closure will be published on the schedule and website prior to the holiday. If you have questions regarding closures due to snow or bad weather, please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for the most up to date information. We will also send an email should any closures occur.

We strongly encourage you to keep your dancer home when they are not feeling well, so we will continue to offer make up classes. These make-up classes will need to be scheduled in advance to ensure safe class sizes. Unlike previous years, where you have had 30 days to attend a make-up class, you will now have the entire semester. Just as before, make up classes can be used in addition to your regularly scheduled classes but not used in place of paying normal tuition. We encourage you not to wait until the end of the semester to utilize your make-up classes, as they will not roll over to the following semester.

It is Cherry Creek Dance’s policy that students not be dropped off in the parking lot. It is the guardian’s responsibility to walk the dancer into the dancer check-in area and wait for the instructor to guide them to their appropriate room. The guardian must also come to the studio door to pick up the student. The guardian must arrive a few minutes before class ends in order to wait for their dancer to come out of class. No student should leave the studio without a parent or guardian. We are very sensitive to our students whereabouts and safety, but Cherry Creek Dance will not be held responsible for your student.

Any student left unattended at the studio for longer than 15 minutes before or after the class they have registered for will be charged as if they attended an additional dance class. The same holds true for siblings—please do not leave siblings unattended at the studio.

Appropriate shoes are required for each class as well. Tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop/breakdancing shoes are ONLY to be worn inside the dance studio. This will help ensure that our dance floors stay in tip top shape. If tap shoes are worn outside, the taps get scraped up and destroy the dance floors. We also ask that your dancer’s first and last name are written on their dance shoes. Thank you for understanding and respecting our studio. All dancewear and shoes can be purchased at the studio.

If your account is deemed past due, you agree to pay upon demand all of Cherry Creek Dance’s costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees and legal expenses, incurred in connection with the enforcement of this contract/agreement. Cherry Creek Dance reserves the right to hire or pay someone else to collect on any actions arising from or relating to this contract/agreement. You will pay Cherry Creek Dance this amount. This includes, subject to any limits under applicable law, Lender’s attorney fees and Cherry Creek Dance’s legal expenses, whether or not there is a lawsuit, including without limitation all attorney’s fees and legal expenses for litigation, and collection expenses. If not prohibited by applicable law, you also will pay any court costs, in addition to all other sums provided by law. By attending any class you agree to comply with all Cherry Creek Dance rules & regulations. You understand and agree that Cherry Creek Dance, its agents, employees, volunteers or assistants shall not be responsible or made subject to any claim from injury or accident which may result in connection with any attendance at the school or any of its related functions.

At Cherry Creek Dance, we hold two dance recitals each year. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate. They are typically held the second week of June and December. They take place at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts at the University of Denver and are always professionally produced and presented. There will be a participation fee as well as fees for tickets and costumes. You will have your choice as to whether you would like your dancer to participate in these recitals or not, although we encourage all students and families to participate! This is where you (as well as your family, friends, whomever!) can see the progress your dancer has made and how he or she has blossomed from a student to a performer! The shows are always entertaining and more than worth all of the hard work!  Please view current recital information under our events page on our website.

Due to additional dance performances, choreography work, illness, or personal reasons, substitute teachers may be needed at times. All substitutes are highly qualified and must be treated with the same respect as the regular teacher. Substitute teachers are also a benefit as they expose dancers to a different style of teaching so everyone wins.


Combo Classes
Pink or Purple leotard is preferred, leather ballet shoes and black tap shoes.

Pre-Ballet 1- White leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Pre-Ballet 2- Light pink leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Ballet Ia – Light blue leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Ballet Ib – Turquoise leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Ballet II – Lavender leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Ballet III- Maroon/Burgundy/ Black Cherry leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Ballet IV – Navy blue leotard and pink tights and pink leather ballet shoes
Ballet V/VI- Black leotards and pink tights and pink ballet shoes
Hair in a tight, slicked bun with a hair net is required for all ballet classes

Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theatre Classes, & Tap
Any combination of leotards, shorts leggings, jazz pants, and tank tops in black. Jazz or tap shoes and hair pulled back.

Hip Hop & Breakdancing
Any combination of shorts, sweatpants, tank tops, leggings, and t-shirts. Hair pulled back out of face, sneakers or jazz shoes in black. Jazz shoes or sneakers purchased only for dance. Black jazz shoes are required for recital.

Leather Ballet shoes: $18.50 up to a children’s size 3
Leather Ballet shoes: $21.50 – $27.50 Children’s size 1 through adults
Patent Leather Tap Shoes: $21.75 up to a children’s size 1.5
Tap Shoes: $22.50 – $59 all sizes
Jazz Shoes: $32.50 – $33.50 all sizes
Lyrical: $22.25- $24.50 all sizes

Children’s Leotards
Basic Cotton Leotards: $16.00 – $17.50
Fashion Leotards: $28.00 – $36.00

Adult Leotards
Basic Cotton Leotards: $19.00 – $21.00
Fashion Leotards: $32.00 – $48.00

Footed: $10.00 – $12.50
Footless: $12.00 – $12.50
Adaptatoe: $15.00 – $16.00

If you’re looking to return or exchange your merchandise for whatever reason, we’re here to help! We offer free returns or exchanges within 60 days of purchase. You can return your product for store credit, a different product, or a refund to the original payment method.  All returned merchandise must be unused with tags still attached.  Tights and sale items are not eligible for return.


In the interest of promoting the successful programs of Cherry Creek Dance and improving outside communications, the studio uses photographs and video footage of students in our schools for advertisements and social media. This agreement constitutes permission to use photographs and video footage of the student named above in presentations about our studio, social media, flyers, and advertisements. All photographs and video footage shall remain the sole property Cherry Creek Dance. I understand that no compensation will be made to me for this use. Cherry Creek Dance assumes no liability of any nature in connection with such filming and/or interviewing. If you would not like to have photos or videos of your dancer used, please contact the front desk at 303-399-8087.

The Cherry Creek Dance Performing Company is the perfect combination of dedication, hard work and fun. We focus on the art of dance performance and NOT competing. Cherry Creek Dance is “The Home For Dance in Colorado and we strive to keep the art of dance alive. Company Dancers have many performance opportunities throughout the year at professional and communities venues, including our semi-annual recitals. We use these performances to educate the community on what the art of dance looks like when you peel back the commercial layer. We pride ourselves in the training that our highly experienced professional level staff has to offer our Company members and non company members alike.

At Cherry Creek Dance, we consider dance our tool for influencing lives in a positive way. We use positive but disciplined instruction to teach what we believe to be core values: strong work ethic, teamwork, sportsmanship, positive attitude, and athleticism. As a result of our efforts, we receive rave reviews from parents about how our studio has helped their children to improve not only as dancers but as people! Our Cherry Creek Dance Performing Company Dancers must have good grades, practice time management, be self-confident and maintain good physical, mental, and emotional health. We believe that FUN and STRUCTURE are the tools for creating an environment in which children will thrive. Remember the PPPs! Presence, Positivity, and Punctuality.

Past Performances include:

• Disneyland & Disney World
• Denver Fashion Week
• Denver Broncos Halftimes
• Denver Nuggets Halftimes
• Denver Outlaws Halftimes
• Colorado Mammoth Halftimes
• The Denver Zoo
• Six Flags Elitch Gardens
• Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
• Special Olympics
• Harlem Globetrotters
• Cherry Creek Arts Festival
• The Convention Center
• Junior League Holiday Mart
• Denver SafeHouse
• Denver Botanic Gardens
• Aurora Kidspree
• Las Vegas
• Corporate Events
• Charity Events

Company member’s are accepted by audition only. We typically hold company auditions at the end of May. With make-up auditions the end of June. The Cherry Creek Dance Performing Company is a full year commitment, which is why we only hold auditions once a year. However, if you are new to the area and are interested in the performing company please contact us. We will hold private auditions on a case by case scenario.