Cherry Creek Dance

Cherry Creek Dance Performing Company

The CCD Performing Company (CCDPC) is a passionate group of dancers ranging from ages 6 to 18, united by their love for dance. Company dancers devote themselves to comprehensive dance training across various disciplines. Their rigorous schedule includes multiple hours of focused practice throughout the week, emphasizing a well-rounded approach to dance education.  This love of dance is shared through both community and professional performances. Their performances extend beyond the studio to various community events, showcasing their talents on both large and small stages. A highlight of their journey is the biennial trip to Orlando, where they captivate audiences with performances at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios during the 4th of July holiday.

The CCDPC thrives on collaboration, engaging with esteemed partners such as the Denver Philharmonic, the enchanting Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet, and 303 Magazine for Denver Fashion Week, among others. This vibrant and dedicated group of dancers not only exemplifies excellence in their art but also actively contributes to the cultural tapestry of their community and beyond.

Performing Company Audition Prep Class

April 28

4:30-5:30 All Ages