Cherry Creek Dance


Semi-Annual Recitals: Winter and Spring

Spring Recital is June 9

We have two recitals during the year.  One is held in mid-December at the University of Denver’s Newman Center for Performing Arts 2344 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80210 and the second one towards the beginning of June at University of Denver’s Newman Center for Performing Arts 2344 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80210.  The recital registration opt out deadline is at the end of the first month of each semester: September 5 for the fall semester and February 9 for the spring semester.  We have to start choreography and order costumes well in advance of the actual show date in order to have a successful professional performance.

In order to participate in the recital dancers need to be registered and paid for the full semester not on a drop in basis.  This ensures dancers are attending regularly in order to learn the choreography for the performance.  All dancers are encouraged to participate in the recital performance as it helps dancers build confidence, allows dancers to showcase their hard-work and it builds a strong sense of community dancing with friends and sharing it with family – creating wonderful memories.

The recital performance fee is $200.00 per dancer per class and $85 for each additional dance.  Note: Combo classes perform twice in the show (ballet and tap) but it is still considered only one class.  The recital registration fee includes:

  • costume and tights (dance shoes are NOT included)
  • all production costs (theatre rental, backdrops, stage crew, additional staff hours for day of show, CCD office staff administrative hours,  professional recital music edits, practice video instructional recording, editing and setting it up on Vimeo, recital prep and cleanup, set build, props, and more)
  • link to a practice video for the dancers
  • recital keepsake gift
  • link to our professional recording of ALL 4 shows.

Recital registration fees are nonrefundable, nonexchangeable.

Tickets for the recital are sold separately.  Dancers do not need a ticket for the show they are performing in.  Ticket price ranges depending on the venue.  Tickets for the winter recital at the Newman Center are sold through the Newman Center box office with additional processing fees.  Please see our ticketing page for more information Recital Tickets.