Cherry Creek Dance

Class Registration


Registration for Winter/Spring Semester - December 19

  1. Click on Register Here. 
  2. Click on My Info tab.  
    • Add your dancers to the family members section. 
    • Make sure to click yes that you pay for your dancer. 
    • Update Credit Card Information 
  3. Click on Classes tab. Use the calendar tool to see classes offered  beginning August Click on week to see all class offerings for each day 
    • Click on class names to find a description of each class. Select your  class and click on Sign Up Now 
    • Make sure you are signing up the correct family member for the  class. 
    • Click on Make a Single Reservation – Ensure it is for the correct child enrolling in the class 
  4. You will then be prompted to select a series or Membership for  the semester 
  5. Choose the Fall tuition pricing that corresponds to your selected class.
  6. Checkout. You will see a confirmation that your child is signed up for class. 
  7. You will need to repeat this process for each child you are  registering.  

We are so excited to announce that Mindbody has finally updated Cherry Creek Dance to Family Accounts!

You will now be able to see and manage schedules for each of your dancers.

With this update all clients will be prompted to create a family account when logging into mindbody.Please follow the prompts and please do not create a new account if you know you already have used Mindbody for registration/purchases for Cherry Creek Dance.

Ensure that you as the parent are the account owner or primary user.
You will be prompted to add family members if it doesn’t automatically populate them into your account. You will need to update any missing profile information for each family member including billing.
You will be able to click on each child’s profile to see their dance schedule, visit history, purchase history and account information.
Below is the link to a mindbody tutorial on Family accounts – please be sure to scroll to What if I already have a Mindbody account? as many CCD families are already familiar with using Mindbody.Please copy and paste -


Once you are registered for a MindBody account, you may use the schedule below to register for applicable classes.