Blaine DonovanIrish Step Dance Instructor

Blaine has been dancing since the age of 7. His passion and love of Irish dance led him to train everyday going on to win local, international and world championship titles in solos and teams. He became a part of the teaching staff of one of the largest Irish Dancing schools in America beginning in 2009 and directed and managed studios in 5 states with 20 locations and almost 1000 students. Blaine was selected among some of the best Irish Step dancers worldwide to tour with Riverdance in 2013.  He has been professionally dancing since then with Riverdance and many other professional shows! Through his competitions and professional shows as well as his studio management, Blaine’s experiences helped him grow into the best teacher he could be. Many of his students from all ages and levels have grown to become local, international and world champions. Blaine truly cares about his students.  Dancing and teaching Irish Step dance are his passions.

About Blaine

Blaine recently toured on Broadway in a  A Taste of Ireland — The Irish Music & Dance Sensation.